Vinyl Window Decal Installation – Wet Method

When installing vinyl graphics on a window, the wet method is a useful way to promote longevity. Knowing this method, you can easily add window graphics to the outside of your space and keep them looking great.

Wet Method Installation Tools

To start with, you will need the right number of people to install the graphic! This is not a job for one person. It is best if you have another set of hands for accuracy and assistance.

Masking tape is another important tool. Other types of tape, including transparent tape, can damage the vinyl. Masking tape is ideal as it allows for transfer without damage.

A squeegee, glass cleaner, and paper towels ensure that your installation surface is in the best condition possible. A tape measure assists with exact positioning.

Using the Wet Installation Method

The first step in this installation method sets the stage for a successful graphic transfer. Use the glass cleaner to create a spotless surface. Let it dry thoroughly, and be aware of the temperature and humidity for best results. You want a warm environment, over 65F, with low humidity.

Use your tape measure to find the center point where you want the vinyl graphic to lay. When it is marked, pull back an inch of your graphic’s paper backing, and fold it down. Place the graphic adhesive side down onto the window. Use your squeegee to smooth it over, without removing the additional backing. Use the masking tape to hold this area down once you are done with the squeegee.

Your installation partner should then lift the decal away from the window, while you remove the additional backing. Work in six-inch increments, ensuring your graphic adheres to the window with the tape. Spray the decal with water as your assistant lifts it away.

Your partner should then lay the decal onto the window. Peel your backing as you squeegee, top to bottom, six inches at a time. When the decal is completely applied, squeegee it again from the middle to the edges. A paper towel over the decal helps avoid scratching.

Take off the tape and squeegee that area. Finally, wipe down the decal with your paper towel. Squeegee any remaining air bubbles away.

Installation on Other Surfaces

The wet method also allows for vinyl graphic installation on places like vehicles, walls, and doors. You do not need to spray the decal with water in this instance.

With forethought, preparation, and patience, you can install vinyl window decals like a pro.