High-Tack Inkjet Vinyl – When to Use It?

The signage industry is very competitive and demanding; clients are always on the lookout for new and creative ways to promote their brand. This means that no surface should be off-limits for graphics applications. Thanks to new advancements in wide format print media, today’s high-tack vinyl does not disappoint. Things to Consider when Choosing High-Tack more »

Advantages of Using a Foam Roller for Installing Graphics

Installing wall graphics is a great way to transform dull walls into something spectacular. Wall graphics can express your creativity and imagination to the fullest. Installing window graphics on interior walls usually does not present much of a problem. The walls are relatively smooth and easy to work with. Using graphics is a very eye-catching more »

How To Create A Successful Wallcovering

Create A Successful Wallcovering

In recent years, wallcoverings have come back onto the home furnishing market with a real splash of high-resolution color. Before, paint coatings were preferred for their color, cost, and ease of application. Mass-produced wallcoverings were considered dull and unimaginative. Advances in digital printing technology have turned consumers back on to wallcoverings. Many homeowners want to more »

New StreetTRAX Floor Graphic – No Laminate Required!

Mactac® Launches StreetTRAX™ Outdoor Floor Graphic Product StreetTRAX™ is a print-and-apply outdoor floor graphic media that delivers sharp images and is inherently slip resistant, no laminate needed. Building on its industry-leading reputation, Mactac® launches its second outdoor floor graphic product, StreetTRAX™, which passes ANSI/NFSI slip resistance/high traction specifications. StreetTRAX (STX1528P) is ideal for high pedestrian more »

Large Format Printer Maintenance

Wide Format Printer Maintenance

Maintaining your large format printer ensures that jobs are completed on-time and prints are of the highest quality.  Updated: 6/14/2018 – Your wide format printer will only work well if it is properly maintained. When you rely on your printer for your business, regular maintenance is vital. It is the kind of thing best done more »