How to Install a Wall Mural

Installing a Wall Mural 

Wall Mural Material

Tools Needed: Tape Measure, Level, Pencil, Foam Roller, Wallpaper Paste

Assess the situation

It is always best to layout the graphic on the floor. Most large murals are printed on multiple panels. Make sure the dimensions of the graphic match the dimensions intended for the mural. Also, check for blemishes or inconsistencies on the mural. It would be a major hassle to prep and apply the mural and then notice that something is wrong!

Surface preparation

Wall murals should only be applied to smooth, flat surfaces. Make sure the surface is clean, free of dust and dirt by wiping it down with a damp cloth. Surfaces with highly textured paint or major surface inconsistencies may not be suitable (or may require further prepping) for a wall mural. Make sure to remove any old wallpaper on the walls and patch up any holes that may be present.

Applying the Mural

Locate where you want the first panel to go. Measure the width of the panel, and using your tape measure, mark where the first panel should end. Next, use your level to draw a vertical straight line. This line will serve as a guide to ensure the panel is straight.

Lay the mural on the ground (graphic side down) and apply wallpaper paste to the back of the mural using a foam roller. Apply a moderate coating of paste evenly. It is crucial to cover the entire surface including the edges.

Once the surface is completely covered with paste, double check your surface to ensure it is dry and clean. If the mural is very large, get another person to assist. Place the mural on the wall, starting with the top and working down to the bottom.

Repeat these steps for the other panels.

Note* Most wall murals contain an overlap. Once all of the panels are applied, locate the center of the overlap and cut, removing the excess material


How to install a wall graphic