Boat Wraps: An Overview

Whale boat wrap by Marco Baccioli, via Behance

Wrapping a boat, in many ways is similar to wrapping a land vehicle. Some installers might say its actually easier because a wrap is applied in large panels, and there are no doors, windows and numerous other rivets and obstacles to worry about. Here are some popular questions and answers regarding boat wraps:

Q. Who is the typical Boat Wrap Customer?

A. Customers in the market for a boat wrap are typically individual boat owners looking to boat-wraps-installationdress up their boat. Many are looking to personalize their new boat with a solid color wrap or to “repaint” older hulls. Boat wraps are also a common request among professional fisherman, competition boaters, tour boats, and boats used for promotional purposes at events.

Q. Does the vinyl differ from regular vinyl used to wrap land vehicles?

Vinyl manufacturers usually offer a selection of media specifically intended for marine use. Some manufacturers have products that can be used for both marine and land vehicle wraps. They will need to stand up to all of the harsh elements that a land wrap will encounter with the addition of the harsh effects of water and possibly salt. Check with the manufacturer to see their recommendations.

wrapping_a_boatWhat type of vinyl is ideal for boat wraps?

Something that is easy to apply and handle (an installer usually deals with large panels so this is important) and can be installed fast is key. A vinyl should contain an adhesive that produces no bubbles should be used. Polymeric vinyl and cast vinyl are popular marine substrates and an overlaminate is also recommended for certain applications. Again, it is best to check with the wrap manufacturer for the ideal media.

What considerations should a designer take when creating a boat wrap?

Its important to take into consideration the complexity of the nose of the boat. Templates are flat and its difficult to visualize just how skewed the curve may be. If possible, print out the design and create a paper model of the boat to aid with visualization.