High-Tack Inkjet Vinyl – When to Use It?


High-tack vinyl graphic on semi-truck

The signage industry is very competitive and demanding; clients are always on the lookout for new and creative ways to promote their brand. This means that no surface should be off-limits for graphics applications. Thanks to new advancements in wide format print media, today’s high-tack vinyl does not disappoint.

Things to Consider when Choosing High-Tack Print Media

  1. How well does it hold up against the outdoor elements such as sun, rain, and snow?
  2. What is the outdoor durability rating?
  3. What is the intended application? Will it be exposed to high-heat, heavy wear, outside elements?
  4. Will it need extra protection provided by an overlaminate?

Mactac REBEL® X-treme™ High-Bond Permanent Adhesive Print Media – features one of the strongest adhesives on the market.

Applications for High-Tack Vinyl

Innovative new products such as Mactac’s REBEL X-treme offers a virtually limitless realm of opportunity. It’s designed to provide a permanent graphics solution for vehicles, floors, flat wall surfaces, screen-printed labels, decals, markings, point-of-purchase displays and signs for indoor and outdoor use.

High-Heat Applications – Perhaps the most impressive feature of high-performance high-tack vinyl is its ability to forge a permanent bond with good resistance to heat. This means it can be used on metal surfaces that may become hot from sun exposure or from being near an engine. A good economical product for applications like this is Mactac REBEL® RB528H High Tack Permanent Adhesive https://davinci-technologies.com/product/mactac-rebel-rb528h-high-tack/

Mactac REBEL® RB528H High Tack is a versatile print media – perfect for floor graphics and vehicle graphics.

Sidewalks and Floor Surfaces – Even a sidewalk can be used with High-Tack Inkjet Vinyl signs. So long as the area has been cleaned and allowed to dry beforehand, your vinyl will stick to it successfully and endure foot traffic without losing integrity.

Art and Decorative – High-Tack Inkjet Vinyl has even branched out of the professional business world and moved into the private domain, creating a myriad of aesthetically stunning works of art that decorate both private homes and public buildings.

Installation and Surface Prep

Installation is best left to a professional for this particular media. Since the adhesive is designed to be permanent, you’ll only get one shot for placement. On the plus side, it will stick to any surface and needs little preparation before use, only a thorough cleaning of the targeted area. Imperfections and loose particles binding to the high tack will impact its long-term stability.

Final Thoughts

Not all high-tack inkjet media is made equal. Some products are designed to last a few seasons. Others will remain for many years. It really depends on the adhesive and whether or not the graphic is laminated for added protection. When selecting a permanent vinyl with a high-tack adhesive, make you know as much as possible about the application – and if you have questions, do not hesitate to ask your supplier of wide format print media.