Why Use Window Graphics?

Window Graphics

Why Use Window Graphics?

Window graphics offer a low-fi way to attract customers with all the impact of a high-tech solution. Storefront advertising is an effective marketing method that has been around for a long time. It works well in conjunction with other marketing, or on its own.

Vinyl graphics are effective because they easily draw in passersby. Even if someone was not planning to drop into your business, a great window graphic can be enough to attract attention. Using this cost-effective advertisement, you will get a big impact from a small investment.

The Benefits of Window Graphics

Vinyl graphics are inexpensive compared to fixed signs. They are easy to change and easy to remove. It is simple, therefore, to use vinyl graphics as a year-round advertisement or to adjust your message for special sales or events.

Permanent signs often require permits from your city. These graphics, however, do not permanently alter the space in any way. This means that they install easily without having to deal with the paperwork and cost of pursuing a permit.

Small businesses, retail stores, restaurants, service providers, hotels, and storefronts from many other industries benefit from vinyl graphics. Sharing the right message, you can reach out to your customers and potential new clients whether your business is open or closed. You will always be advertising, and always attracting attention with well-made graphics.


Special Graphic Applications

Unique graphics draw even more attention to your business. Try metallic vinyl graphics for a touch of elegance. Frosted graphics add beauty and privacy at the same time, at a low cost. You do not need etched glass when you have this removable film! Perforated graphics also add privacy without compromising on light quality.

Any of these special graphic applications, and others, can be adjusted to meet your specific space and branding requirements. These graphics are flexible and customizable for each and every business space.

Wide format printers are perfect for creating graphics of all types. Basic graphics, specialty films, and any other vinyl media come out beautifully with a high-quality printer. We can help you create the graphics that elevate your business, or provide you with the machine you need to do it yourself.


Window graphics are easy-to-use and highly customizable. They are a cost-effective way to transform a location. Try a graphic to see how it enhances the customer experience. It may even change the way you do business, as well as your bottom line.