Ideas for Eye-Catching Floor Graphics

Ideas for Eye-Catching Floor Graphics
Efficient advertising may be one of the best purchases to get folks to notice your company and branding. If you really want to get their attention, floor graphics can be ideal. Check out these helpful ideas to design eye-catching floor graphics.

Choose a high traffic area where the floor graphic can’t be missed.

Choose High Traffic Spaces for Placement

Select an area depending upon the purpose of your campaign or ad (hashtag promotion, location of a product, sale, opening announcement). Floor advertisements do not necessarily need to be placed close to a store or only work for brick-and-mortar businesses.

If you have a desire to promote a website or cause that targets locations in which your targeted audience spends time, floor graphics may be very effective. Keep in mind that they can work particularly well in places where folks stroll around with their heads down, listening to music or browsing their phones.

Stand Out Creatively

Innovative floor graphics will differentiate your business from the rest. Go for customized shapes, bold colors and short, clever copy to maximize the impact of every “impression.”

Keep it Brief

This black and white floor decal is simple, bold and stands out. Printed on AlumiGraphics GRIP

Keep your message direct and simple, depending upon the purpose of the floor decal. Think of the graphic’s size, the location, and purpose before deciding on the copy. Questions or general imperatives requiring instant action work best.

Use Contrasting Colors

Contrasting colors in design help to emphasize the portion of the message requiring the most attention. Also think about how to contrast colors in the design with the ones found inside the environment in which the floor design is going to be placed. Consider the type of floor and color ahead of time.

Get creative with “illusion art” such as this beach floor graphic. Photo Credit:

Make Quality Your Best Ally

Choose a floor graphic made from quality materials. The best selection is going to be one which offers a slip-resistant layer. High-quality may be measured through durability, so pick an option that is going to stand the test of time for the remainder of your campaign.

Design two-dimensional or three-dimensional floor graphics

Concentrate on visually-appealing graphics, as well as strong supporting elements. Two-dimensional and 3D floor graphics will attract more attention because consumers are surprised and appreciate a special product presentation. Two-dimensional and 3D floor graphics are usually more appealing and attractive than flat, traditional floor graphics, yet the design ought to really fit your marketing goal.

3D “fisherman” floor graphic in a retail store aisle – Photo Credit: