3-D Floor Graphics – In Your Home

Unless you happen to be a talented artist with the ability to paint a life-like 3D floor mural, producing a 3D floor graphic might seem like a daunting and unattainable task. Fortunately, thanks to programs like Adobe Photoshop and today’s printing technologies (Also See The Benefits of the New HP Latex Printers), 3-D floor graphics can be produced with several high resolution images and some basic photo editing skills.

3D Floor Graphics give life to any room – dramatically transforming the interior of a home or office by incorporating stimulating life-like imagery. 3D Floor Graphics will stimulate and ignite endless conversion. Originally used in retail and corporate settings, floor graphics are the latest interior design trend.

Ideally, a home floor graphic should last years, withstand vehicle & heavy foot traffic, and be slip and tear resistant.

3-D printed Floor Graphic Inspiration – Here are several 3-D floor graphics that were produced using photography:

Dolphins in the water hanging out in the laundry / bathroom

Star fish and corals ocean bottom floor graphic paired with a tropical-themed wall mural

Beach sand and water floor graphic with matching wall mural transform this room