Advantages of Bringing Wide Format Printing In-House

Bringing Wide Format Printing In-HouseWe ask our customers why they outsource rather than print in-house. The top 3 reasons are:

  • We lack the necessary space for all of the equipment.
  • It is more cost-effective to outsource.
  • It is a large project.

Below are 3 main points to take into consideration:


Typically, Short Run refers to projects of around 5,000 pages. These projects include the initial ones to think about bringing in-house so you can save costs.

Many printers are operating short run projects on a likewise digital printing press you’d be if you took the task in-house.

If you’re operating a 500,000-page project, however, outsourced printers may leverage printing technology, which can drive the cost/page down lower than you may print in-house on digital presses. Often, businesses order a larger amount to drive down the price just to find that they have to make changes to the paperwork six months down the road and still have a multitude of copies which now are obsolete.

The capability of printing on demand while operating jobs in-house permits you only to print the amount required, work under tight deadlines, make updates to a document, and generate new versions without the expensive premiums of proofs, setup, larger run sizes, and waste.


Starbucks green, McDonald’s yellow, Coca-Cola red. These colors immediately bring these brands to mind because they have been so successful and consistent with their marketing.

Many companies have certain Pantone colors within their branding and logo shades, and the capability of replicating those exact colors while printing in-house usually is met with skepticism. In working with Fiery, colors may be repeatedly and accurately matched, irrespective of which program or application the projects are being printed from.


Did you ever outsource an annual report or training packet? What about a task which involved putting together various printed tabs and sections, or which requires booklet finishing or GBC punch for a polished, professional appearance?

Although the task may appear complicated and not a job which would be cost-effective to take on in-house, technology today permits for in-line finishing like GBC punching, booklet-making, and trims which create the appearance of full-bleed booklets, all with one push of a button.

Workflow abilities permit you to program the task before printing, so that as you compile various printing and sections on tabs, all things come out without you needing to piece all of the sections together.