Vehicle Wrap Trends In 2014

Audi wrapped in matte orange

Solid color vehicle wraps were big in 2012-13 and we predict that their popularity will continue into 2014 as wrap vinyl manufacturers continue to innovate. Solid color wraps such as trendy matte black will continue to be popular, however, new colors such as matte orange (pictured), blue, green, pink, and others will continue to trend up.

These new solid color wraps are gaining so much momentum that car dealers have taken notice. There are some dealership that now offer solid color wraps on brand new vehicles.

New textured laminating films have experienced a positive reception among graphics professionals. Textures such as brushed metal, wood grain, carbon fiber, and leather have caught on in Europe in recent years and their popularity is predicted rise in the United States as well. The unique ability to add texture to a print makes textured laminating films a fine choice for those looking to add an extreme “wow factor” to the vehicle.

Last, similar to textured laminating films, we are beginning to see a surge in the use of textured tuning films. These films offer similar textures seen in laminating films but are offered in solid colors and feature a thicker vinyl that is suitable for cutting custom shapes. They are perfect for accenting a vehicle. Accenting the hood, roof, trunk, as well as custom cut shapes are popular uses of this media.

Browse the images below to see examples:

Lamborghini Superleggerra matte army green solid color wrap

Matte silver wrapped BMW

Custom matte orange vehicle wrap by

MACtac’s leather tuning film

MACtac PermaFlex DecoLam overlaminating film – Grain Wood texture

A prime example of a solid color wrap combined with cut vinyl