HP Latex Helps Wrap New York City Water Tanks

With the help of hundreds of donors and dozens of volunteers, New York City based artist and filmmaker Mary Jordan wraps water towers using HP Latex, all for a heartwarming cause.


Every twenty seconds a child dies from water-borne disease. Every hour, 250 million plastic bottles are wasted and only about 18 percent are recycled.
Jordan, along with the help and collaboration of other renowned artists, created artwork to wrap water tanks throughout New York City to raise awareness and create conversation about the water issues in Africa. The decorated water tanks holds the same amount a water that an African family can live off for five and a half years – making them the ideal symbolic blank canvas.

When it came time to execute the printing, Mary was faced with the question about how best to wrap up to 100 New York water tanks in a way that satisfied the aesthetic need to the artist while meeting her own requirement for an environmentally responsible solution.

Jordan explained, “I spent about three months research all signage materials and one day we were doing some test prints with various media and came up with this HP product, their Latex Inks and their media that printed phenomenally.”

Watch the full story:

Learn more about The Water Tank Project here: https://www.thewatertankproject.org/