Why Use Print Head Wipes

Why Use Print Head Wipes

Why Use Print Head Wipes

Watching a high-end printer at work can be very satisfying. Its fluidity can give us the illusion that it will never break down. The productivity and quality of the print, however, is dependent not only on the printer and materials, but also on proper maintenance.

Even the best printers need regular maintenance.

Regular maintenance is a prerequisite if you wish for your printer to perform optimally, and maintenance also increases your valuable printer’s life expectancy. It also reduces expensive technical interventions, wasted time, and missed production deadlines.

Daily print-head cleaning is essential. This part of your machine needs to be taken care of first. Dust particles, ink residues, and dirt can affect this very sensitive piece of your printing equipment.
Using the right maintenance tool is vital to make sure your operation runs as smoothly and cost-effectively as possible. The main tool for maintaining your print-head is the ubiquitous and humble wipe or swab. To ensure the utmost care for your machine, the print-head swab is a very highly engineered and technologically advanced piece of equipment in its own right.
The idea is to clean the print-head without accidentally introducing new contaminants. This is why print-head wipes are specially designed in cleanroom environments to ensure no contaminants are brought into your printer.

Printer-head wipes come in many formats, but they share some basic characteristics that set them apart from regular wipes. Whether the wipes are impregnated with cleaning agents or not, they are lint-free. Nothing is more common and damaging to a printer head than lint. Aside from the nasty effects it can have on the printed product, it helps deteriorate your print-head at an alarming rate.

Non-abrasiveness is another essential quality for wipes. We may not think of fabric and paper as abrasive, but they are, especially if your printer is producing in bulk and at high speed.

We recommend Da Vinci print head wipes. They offer a highly effective product at very competitive prices and come in a wide range of formats so you’re sure to find what you’re looking for according to your maintenance schedule and your machine.

By investing in the right wipes, you can help your printer run as smoothly and effectively as it can.