Printing Industry Specific Cleaning Supplies

DaVinci Technologies is pleased to announce a full line of cleaning and printer maintenance supplies such as Print Head Wipes, Print Head Swabs, Gloves, Cleaning Solutions, Industrial Wipes and more! We responded to requests for printing industry specific cleaning supplies by offering virtually any item needed to maintain and clean a printing facility.

Make sure to use supplies that are specifically designed for print head and printer maintenance as many printer components are extremely sensitive and contaminates such as dust, dirt, ink residues, etc must be cleaned with the proper materials. Below is a list of the most commonly used cleaning supplies found in the printing industry.

Printer Cleaning Supplies / Printing Industry Maintenance

PRINT HEAD WIPES – Similar to wipes used in cleanrooms, print head wipes are Polyester knitted and lint-free, and are specifically designed for cleaning print heads and other sensitive areas involved with the printing industry.To insure the highest quality, these wipes are cleanroom laundered. They are extremely absorbent, durable, and abrasion resistant to rough surfaces and burs. Available in various sizes, quantities and weights.

PRINT HEAD SWABS – Using Print Head Swabs will help improve the quality of your prints and extend the life of your print heads. These foam-tipped swabs can be used for cleaning print heads and other hard to reach printer components. The tips are thermally welded to the shaft to ensure durability. Available in flexi-foam tip or mitt shaped tip.

GLOVES – Wear gloves to avoid direct contact with ink and cleaning solvents. Vinyl, Nitrile, Latex, Cotton, whatever gloves you prefer – DaVinci can supply!

CLEANING SOLUTIONS – DaVinci offers Capping & Wiping fluid for HP 9,000 & 10,000 as well as Roland Cleaning Fluid in bulk to save you money over time.

INDUSTRIAL WIPES – DaVinci’s industrial wipes are perfect for everyday use in production. They are durable enough to handle a variety of surfaces yet soft enough to be used on face and hands. They have a soft outer layer with a highly absorbent inner layer making them suitable for grease and grime as well as inks and other liquids.

OTHER PRINTING CLEANING SUPPLIES – Other supplies such as mops and protective eye wear can be found in a wide format printing facility. These items can be supplied by DaVinci Technologies

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