Perforated Print Media: Window Graphics Image Gallery

Perforated Window Vinyl Fast Facts:

Perforated window vinyl usually consists of several layers – the top layer is white for printing, the next layer is usually dark grey or black (to block excessive light), followed by an adhesive coating which is covered by the release liner. Typically, the material is made of PVC vinyl and consists of a pattern of evenly spaced holes. The size of those holes determines the see-through viability when applied to glass surfaces.

The distance between the perforations determines the print coverage vs. visibility. “For example, 50/50 window perf film means that 50 percent of the material is printable area and 50 percent is perforation. Window perf comes in a number of different hole configurations; 50/50, 60/40 and 70/30 are the most common. The first number in this designation represents the amount of printable area and the second number represents the amount of open (see-through) area. Therefore, a 70/30 window perf has a larger printable area, but less see-through area, than a 50/50 window perf. “(

Perforated Window Vinyl Examples