MACtac® Adds Three New Wrapping Films to MACmark® Tuning Films Product Line

mactac-macmark-tuning-filmsDesigned for complete or partial vehicle wraps, interior vehicle trim, personal computers, tablets, cell phones and more, the new MACmark Tuning Films offer unique finishes for personalized effects and accents. Additionally, MACmark Tuning Film Brushed Metals and MACmark Tuning Film Special Effects add an appealing tactile dimension to any design. Call 860 265 3388 or visit DaVinci Technologies for more information.


Applying MACmark Vinyl Films to the Substrate
1) A wet or dry application method can be used.
a. Dry is the most reliable method.
b. When doing the wet method, use a professional application
fluid instead of soap and water.
2) Heatshould be used when applying graphics over rivets,curves and

Finishing your MACmark Graphic
1) Seams will hold moisture and flex resulting in a pre-mature failure of the graphic.
a. Slit seams the entire length of the substrate.
b. Do not caulk the seam of the graphic or it will not adhere.
2) Edge sealing isrequired whenever the graphic is will be exposed to liquidsthat can attack the adhesive.
a. Use a brush and edge sealing varnish, brush along the edge in a smooth, continuous motion.
Make sure the entire edge is sealed.
3) Clean the graphics.
a. Use a wet non-abrasive type cleaner,similar to those used for painted graphics.If you use a strong acid, alkaline or solvent cleaner, you will damage your graphic.

Removing MACmark Vinyl
1) Heat the vinyl to a temperature of 160-175°F (70-80°C) using a heat gun or hot air blower (air
temperature of +/- 575°F or 300°C).
2) Peel off the MACmark in small pieces(approximately 8”x 10”).
3) Use an approved vinyl removal fluid.
4) Adhesive residue can be removed using a towelsoaked in isopropyl alcohol or adhesive remover