Large Format Window Graphics Media Guide

Looking to take on a project that incorporates window graphics? Window graphics media can range from frosted polymeric PVC films for an etched glass look to perforated vinyl that can be applied to windows on vehicles. Cut vinyl graphics can be used as an architectural design element and transform an entire interior or exterior environment. See different examples of large format window graphics below.

Perforated Window VinylPerforated Media – Available in various ranges of visibility, this type of media can yield excellent image quality. When applied to vehicle windows, it is common to use media with at least a 50% open area for maximum visibility.

Product example: PanoRama Innova 40

Perforated window media on a bus

Perforated window graphics such as this provides visibility from the inside out.

Cut Vinyl / Marking Films – Cut vinyl graphics can serve a variety of purposes and applications including vehicles, architectural design, and windows. New textured films have recently hit the market that give the appearance of stained glass, leather, wood grain, and number of metallic finishes – just to name a few. For examples of printable window films, see Clear Films below.

Product Example: PERMACOLOR® PermaFlex® DecoLam

Cut vinyl is used to transform the entire exterior of this building

The red vinyl graphic is applied to concrete, glass, and drywall.

frosted-window-filmClear Films – This media type is available in various textures such as frosted translucent face stock for an etched glass look, or can it be an entirely clear and print-ready.

Product Example: REBEL RB599H

Clear film window graphic with printed motorcycle

Frosted window graphic with printed map