Installing MACtac IMAGin Verde – The “Greener” Vinyl for Window Graphics

wet-installing-window-graphicsIn this video brought to you by MACtac, we will take a look at how to install MACtac IMAGin Verde window graphics. MACtac IMAGin Verde is a line of greener alternative vinyls for wide and grand format digital printing. The environmentally friendly MACtac IMAGin Verde window graphics is ideal for window advertisements and upscale decor. The product allows you to apply window graphics with no visible border and can be cleanly removed for up to two years, even in high traffic areas. Installation is easy, and any novice can do it with a little practice.

Tools Needed: Isopropyl Alcohol, Soft Felt Squeegee

Step 1 Prep the surface using Isopropyl Alcohol. Be sure to dry the surface after prep

Step 2 Using the wet application saturate the surface and the graphic

Step 3 Remove liner and apply the graphic to the saturated surface, float into place

Step 4 Once in place, use a soft felt squeegee to smooth the graphic

Step 5 Dry the area

The MACtac IMAGin Verde window graphics are perfect for Point-of-Purchase, small businesses, restaurants, commercial decor and more. While you have choices for window graphics, MACtac IMAGin Verde can offer optimum clarity, sustainability and competitive pricing.