Installing Floor Graphics on Tile, Carpet and Concrete

Jeff Stadelman and Jason Yard from MACtac discuss three different floor graphic applications: tile flooring, carpet, and concrete.

Video Notes:

  • Floor graphics can be used for a variety of applications including sales messages in malls and grocery stores, safety messages on concrete floors and factories, to finishing lines at sporting events.
  • Select media depending on the surface.
  • It is very important to laminate the graphic to protect the image as well as to offer a slip-resistant surface.
  • In many public settings, it is recommended your floor graphic media meets ASTM C1028 (Standard Test Method for Determining the Static Coefficient of Friction of Ceramic Tile and Other Like Surfaces by the Horizontal Dynamometer Pull-Meter Method)
  • When printing with Solvent, Eco-Solvent, and Latex inks, allow 24 Hrs for all ink to dry before laminting.

Tile Floor Graphics

  • Use media with removable adhesive such as JT5828R or RB528R
  • First, clean the floor with a good detergent and water and then wipe down with isopropyl alcohol and allow to completely dry.
  • Things to remember with floor graphics: Don’t overlap layers. Multiple layers can cause a tripping hazard. Round all the corners of the graphic. Sharp corners can get caught on cleaning equipment like mops or rotary scrubbers. Finally, seal the edges especially if mechanical cleaning will be involved.

Carpet Floor Graphics

  • JT5828 HTO cohesively aggressive media suitable for carpet graphics – this means less time to come up and all the adhesive will stay with the graphic and will not stain the carpet.
  • Vacuum the carpet to prepare for the graphic install.
  • Like the tile install, make sure all corners of the graphic are rounded to avoid tripping hazards.

Concrete Graphics

  • StreetRap is the recommended MACtac media for concrete and asphalt graphics.
  • Unsealed concrete and asphalt surfaces only! If StreetRap is applied to sealed concrete surfaces, the graphic will probably not be removable.
  • Media for concrete and asphalt graphics should be able to withstand harsh weather and heavy foot traffic.
  • Brush off the surface before the graphic is applied but do not power wash the surface. Make sure the application temperature is above 50 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • If the graphic is laid down over a seam, be sure to go back and relief cut.
  • Push down firmly with squeegee or roller to make sure graphic is properly adhered to the surface.