How to Choose the Right Wall Graphics for the Job

How to Choose the Right Wall Graphics for the Job
If you’re planning to do a makeover for your house or want to give a boring wall some life, consider a wall graphic. Apart from adding wonder and beauty to the interior, wall graphics also can be helpful in covering holes or patches on a wall. It may conceal some spaces in the wall while also making it gorgeous. If you’re considering wall graphics and want more information, take a look at these tips.

Use your interior style as a basis

If you choose to have a modern interior, make sure that the wall graphic also will appear modern. You also can consult the professionals as to what would appear right in your kind of interior. We offer full customization, so we can provide whatever you need to match or contrast with the intended space.

Bedroom wall graphics

If you have children in your home and want to place wall graphics in their bedrooms, we recommend allowing them to choose their own. Some parents have avoided wall graphics which have a lot of details and appear too realistic in favor of letting their kids choose graphics that would assist in widening their imagination.

Wall graphics for children’s bedrooms are typically lively and colorful. Your children’s favorite character may feature in an excellent wall graphic.

An adult’s bedroom, on the other hand, may have graphics depicting scenery and additional designs that interest the bedroom’s owner. White and black graphics are a current trend. However, there is plenty of opportunity to go wild with color. Wall graphics with pale colors tend to be better for bedrooms as they are less stimulating, but we will be guided by your needs and desires.

Living room graphics

For the living room, large wall graphics would work best if there’s a large and empty wall. Use colors present in your living room, so the colors complement and coordinate with one another. This will help ensure that large wall graphics inside your living room look great as backdrops for furniture and additional items.

Bathroom and kitchen graphics

When picking kitchen and dining area wall graphics, many people steer toward images of fruits, utensils, and other items related to food. For your bathroom, you might pick wall graphics of rivers, waterfalls, marine animals, and anything which may be connected to water. This makes sense, but we encourage you to be individual. If you have a unique idea, we’d love to hear it and we can make it happen.

3-D printed Floor Graphic Inspiration – Here are several 3-D floor graphics that were produced using photography:

Dolphins in the water hanging out in the laundry / bathroom

Star fish and corals ocean bottom floor graphic paired with a tropical-themed wall mural

Beach sand and water floor graphic with matching wall mural transform this room