High-Traffic Indoor Floor Graphic Media

Thinking about installing a floor graphic in a high traffic area? Floor graphic media is offered in various ranges of thickness, textures, and materials. Choosing the right fit usually begins with determining how durable the graphic needs to be. A floor graphic in a retail setting will obviously need to be a more durable substrate than something used in a home.

Some things to consider:

Is it ASTM rated for floor graphics? The American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) is an international standards organization that develops standards for materials, products, systems, and services. Having this certification will ensure the product you purchase has been tested for the advertised application. It is a good first step to check this out when choosing floor media.

What material is best for you?


Polypropylene overlaminates are offered in a variety of textures and finishes. In addition to added protection and durability, overlaminates can create nice added effects to printed images.

Vinyl (PVC) overlaminates: Vinyl is an extremely versatile overlaminate and is offered in an a wide range of textures, finishes, and in varying degrees of thickness. Vinyl tends to be a softer, more pliable substrate when compared to polypropylene.

Polycarbonate overlaminates are a less common option that can offer incredible durability, yet is not a very conformable option .

Print Media:

Vinyl tends to be the most commonly used floor graphic media. This can be directly printed on and laminated to provide additional protection.


G-Floor Graphic is durable floor graphic vinyl that allows for an image to be printed directly on the substrate. Once printed, the finished piece lasts for years.


G-Floor Graphic Image 2


This indoor 3D floor graphic utilizes MACTAC’s PermaFlex® overlaminating film to increase durability and create a stunning appearance of depth and richness to the print.


AlumiGraphics® makes a product that conforms to rough services and is made of pliable aluminum foil. It can be used for indoor / outdoor applications (rated for 1 year outdoor). It was the 2013 SGIA winner of Media for Digital Inkjet Film.

Outdoor floor graphic for NASCAR

Floor graphics like this offer durability and a non-slip textured coating