High Impact Trade Show Displays

Trade Shows and expositions offer a good opportunity to see the latest trends in print media. Designers keep pushing the limits, hoping their booth or display can stand out from the crowd.

We’ve rounded up some innovative and attention grabbing booths and displays:

Full architectural structure at a trade show

conVerd Board by FiberMark is a corrugated board media perfect for crafting three dimensional structures, on just about any budget.

Although this particular graphic is not at a trade show, a 3d floor graphic always demands attention no matter where it is placed. Photo Credit: Mactac Graphic Products

An example of flowing irregular shapes combined with high-contrasting colors used to draw viewers

Clean design with nice illumination effects and backlit graphics.

Bold typography, high contrasting blacks and whites plus red is a nice attention grabbing recipe.

Stretched green polyester combined with carefully placed lighting creates a successful slime effect at Nickelodeon’s booth