Continental Graphix Announces New 80/20 Perforation – Eco Friendly!


The Future of See-through Window Graphics is on the INSIDE of the Window!

Advantages of going INSIDE with panoFilm 80/20!

  • Greatly reduced installation times, no skilled installed needed for poster sized pieces!
  • No Lamination! The window protects the graphic; they last much longer than outside mounted graphics!
  • No vandals!
  • No permits!
  • Trim graphics to fit at your shop, not on site!
  • Work inside avoiding outside weather conditions, wind, heat, rain, and COLD!
  • Removal or change-out of graphics is a fraction of traditional window perf.
    Major Labor Savings!
  • First PVC Free Eco-Friendly see-through solution!
  • New award winning 80/20 perforation pattern for Maximum Image Quality and Color Pop, the Best Sunscreen and the Most Privacy.
  • Graphics can be reused, if stored properly.


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