Advantages of Backlit Media 

Advantages of Backlit Media 

Backlit media has become one of the most popular means of advertising in recent years, driven by the falling costs of digital printing. As the technology improves so too does the effectiveness of using an illuminated sign over a non-illuminated one. Even the glossiest, non-lit, large format posters and prints will find it challenging to compete with an illuminated sign.

Backlit media require three components:

The Lightbox or Kiosk

First, you have a lightbox or kiosk, the glass-faced container for displaying the print. These light boxes are usually slim and lightweight, made from plastic, and install flush to the wall. They are designed with a spring-tensioned frame, which opens and allows prints to be changed with ease.The best ones come with a range of frame finishes, from powdered coated to aluminum. They grip the print, avoiding unprofessional wrinkles.

The Lighting

Second, you have the means of illumination: compact LED units that sit behind the print. These LEDs are cheap to install and very energy-efficient, which means energy costs are kept low. LEDs convert a higher proportion of energy into light; far less is wasted as heat. They also have long lifespans, over twice as long as conventional lighting.

The Print

Finally, you have the print itself, which bears the branded artwork. The print can be either paper-based or made from polyester or vinyl film. All these materials are translucent, allowing the white light from the LEDs to pass through, illuminating the text and images.
The results can be dazzling, with bold, rich colors and a message which leaps out at the observer. Strategically placed at point-of-sale locations, backlit advertising media gets cash registers ringing. This makes them ideal for sales counters, exhibition booths, anywhere where money changes hands.

As well as being mounted on walls, light boxes can be hung from the ceiling or placed as freestanding units on legs. The latter two options allow you to double the cost-effectiveness of your advertising with a double-sided lightbox. Get twice the impact for a minimal extra cost.

Promote your brand using customizable fonts and graphics. Use backlit media to get any message across, whether promotional or instructional. For a really striking effect that will get heads turning, try using frosted vinyl film in your lightbox. It’s as cool as ice!

Nothing gets your brand noticed better than a prominent array of iridescent backlit signs. They’re great for shopping malls, hotel lounges, rail stations, and supermarkets.

Backlit advertising media is one of the most powerful marketing tools out there. For a very modest investment, the revenue returns can be enormous.

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