Vehicle Wrap Trends – 2014 Mid-year Report

Lets take a mid-year look at three rising and falling wrap trends for 2014:


Trend #1. Mixed Finishes / Textured Accents – Back matte with carbon fiber accents like this wrap by West Coast Custom Wraps are trending upward.

Trend #2 – Printable Metallic Wrap Media – Solid color metallic wraps have been around for several years now. Lately, we are seeing more wrap designers stepping up the level of creativity by adding printed graphics.

Trend #3 – Chalkboard Wrap Vinyl (and other unique finishes) – MACtac recently introduced a product called WallChalker, which is a printable chalkboard vinyl – but it’s not recommended for vehicles. It’s interesting to speculate whether or not we will see material like this offered for vehicles as well.


Downward Trend #1 – 3D Wrap Effects – Unless they are executed extremely well 3D wrap effects can appear unoriginal.

Downward Trend #2 – Matte Black – Even though it looks sharp and still catches the eyes of onlookers, matte black wraps are becoming quite common. Trend-setters will move away from this look soon.

Downward Trend #3 – Cluttered Graphics – When wraps first hit the scene, it seemed like designers did not know what to do with this new oddly shaped canvas. Graphics thrown together without the use of basic design fundamentals make for an eye-sore.