UV Printable Wall Chalkboard Media

mactac-WallChalkerwallCHALKER is a new true black vinyl-based UV printable chalkboard media. Virtually any flat surface is a canvas for wallCHALKER. It contains an aggressive removable adhesive that is strong enough to support large size applications yet remove cleanly. wallCHALKER can last up to five years outdoor, making it a very durable an adaptable option at a fraction of the cost of chalkboard paint.

wallCAHLKER Installation
“Simply prep the surface by removing any contaminants with isopropyl alcohol and make sure the service is dry and over 50 degrees before you install. wallCHALKER can be UV printed – this allows you to customize for menu boards or wall designs.

Both traditional chalk and contemporary liquid chalk me used to write for draw on your wallCHALKER creation. Any felt eraser or your MACtac felt squeegee will work great to erase traditional chalk while a damp sponge or cloth is used to remove liquid chalk.

Once installed, just like a traditional chalkboard it’s a good idea to prime your wallCHALKER by covering the whole board with traditional chalk and then wiping it off – this prevents future ghosting.”