Reflective Vinyl Spotlight

Reflective VinylReflective vinyl comes in a variety of options and is used for a wide range of applications. It can be conformable for use on vehicles or permanent and durable, which is ideal for municipal/traffic signage. Regardless of the use, a sign maker should have a couple of options (for all applications) in stock when the need arises.

For those interested in a general purpose reflective vinyl, we recommend MACmark 5700. It’s a flexible reflective film that is easy to install and ideal for a multitude of applications. This engineering grade vinyl provides wide-angle reflectivity of incident light. MACmark 5700 series features an embedded layer of microscopic glass beads with high optical quality. A metallized back provides the mirror surface for reflection. This highly flexible film can be applied on flat, curved or corrugated surfaces and on rivets. MACmark 5700 can be screen printed or cut with a digital plotter.


Emergency Vehicles

Municipal Vehicles

School bus Graphics

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