NEW Ztac from ClingZ

ztac-wide-format-adhesive-filmZtac, by CLINGZ INC. was developed to deliver durability and ease of use, perfect for indoor applications as well as outdoor. The film contains a low tack adhesive that allows it to adhere to glass and other smooth surfaces. It is available in White, Clear, or Ultra Clear film and is ideal for use as Indoor/Outdoor Window Graphics, Car window stickers, Refrigerator door signage, Protective film, and more.

Using wet application, Ztac is repositionable with a soft peel, without leaving adhesive residue when removed. Ztac films are available for UV Curable printing in 54″ rolls in lengths of 150′, or 250′, or in sheets for flatbed printing.


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Printing and Application Tips
Ztac products are printable on UV Curable Wide Format printers. Set lamps to low setting to avoid warping the film. Test printing is recommended to ensure compatibility.

Wet application is recommended. Wet the adhesive side of film and apply to a smooth surface. Use a soft or felt covered squeegee to smooth onto surface and remove excess water.

Ztac will adhere to glass, marble, laminate or smooth metal surfaces, both indoors and out. Ztac Ultra Clear is durable for use outdoors up to 2 years. Minimum application temperature is 32 degrees. Removal is easy, with no residue left behind.