Large Format Graphics Find Place In World of Interior Design

In recent years, large format digital printing has found its place in the world of architectural and interior design. Artists and interior designers are using wall murals, floor graphics, and window graphics to create amazing interior and exterior spaces.

Below are several examples of interior and exterior spaces that have incorporated large format graphics and offer major visual impact.

MRI machine in a room at Children’s National Medical Center uses floor graphics, wall murals, and vinyl wrapped machines create a happy “under the sea” theme in what could otherwise be a scary room for children.

This room outfitted with ceiling graphics, floor graphics, and wall murals is an ultimate example of wide format print in interior design.


Conference rooms and other workplace environments are adopting the use of wall murals. These large format graphics lighten the mood and provide a nice personal touch.

This restaurant wall mural takes advantage of these brick arches to simulate sitting outdoors.

This outdoor wall graphic simulates a bridge in a garden. An overlaminate film should be applied to provide extended longevity and protection from the elements.

Print Avenue designed by interior design studio Egue y Seta. Combines floor, ceiling, and wall graphics to create a uniformed black and white theme.