How to Install MACtac Carbon Fiber Tuning Films

Our friends at The Application Nation provide an extensive MACtac installing training library.

Installing Carbon Fiber Tuning Films

1. Tools needed: Squeegee, Heat gun/Torch, IPA, and Knife

2. Clean the car or object with Isopropyl Alcohol

3. Align the graphic double checking for fit and placement

4. Trim the edges down if necessary. It is a good idea to leave a 2-3 inch bleed on all sides to be trimmed after install.

5. MACtac Graphics’ Tuning Films require NO APPLICATION FLUID, and are designed to be installed dry. (Carbon Fiber Tuning Films feature a B-free air egress repositionable adhesive)

6. Peel back the liner and discard

7. Place the vinyl onto the vehicle

8. Using overlapping strokes with your squeegee, push the air out in any direction

9. If a wrinkle appears or air is trapped, pop the film up quickly to reposition.

10. If the shape requires the film to be stretched or conformed use a heat gun to apply a moderate amount of heat.

11. Too much heat can gloss or smooth the texture.

12. Be sure to use pressure on the edges before trimming the excess away

13. Re-burnish the edges after trimming to ensure a good seal.

14. Heat any edges that have been wrapped around the shape.

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