Floor graphic can be an effective form of advertising or used in homes and commercial spaces. They can transform a space with unique designs and 3D illusions. In years past, floors were not considered an optimal place for advertising because print media could not stand up to the heavy wear of foot traffic. Thanks to advances in print media there is now a variety of floor graphic vinyl and other substrates designed specifically for floor surfaces including concrete, asphalt, wood, title, and carpet. See examples of how floor graphics can be used below:

New StreetTRAX Floor Graphic – No Laminate Required!

Digital Print Media Staff : July 9, 2018 1:35 pm : Digital Print Media News, Floor Graphics

Mactac® Launches StreetTRAX™ Outdoor Floor Graphic Product

New StreetTRAX Floor Graphic - No Laminate Required!

StreetTRAX™ is a print-and-apply outdoor floor graphic media that delivers sharp images and is inherently slip resistant, no laminate needed.

Building on its industry-leading reputation, Mactac® launches its second outdoor floor graphic product, StreetTRAX™, which passes ANSI/NFSI slip resistance/high traction specifications.

StreetTRAX (STX1528P) is ideal for high pedestrian traffic areas such as marathons and races, parades, fairs, college campuses, sports arenas and entertainment venues, convention centers, and more. It has an outdoor application life of up to 2 months and is printable with solvent, eco-solvent, latex and UV-cured inkjet printers.

StreetTRAX is a 13.5-mil white PVC film that is top-coated with a non-skid printable clear aggregate, which allows for amazingly clean lines and crisp images. It features an aggressive, permanent pressure-sensitive adhesive that bonds extremely well to flat or slightly rough concrete and asphalt surfaces.

“Printable, grit-coated StreetTRAX features a proprietary coating that truly stands in a class of its own,”

says Jeff Stadelman, marketing manager, Mactac Distributor Products.

“Its unique design delivers sharp images and exceptional high traction on either wet or dry floors, making it an extremely versatile and cost-effective solution for promoting high-impact images and other creative messages on concrete and asphalt surfaces.”

Meeting the new ANSI/NFSI (American National Standards Institute/National Floor Safety Institute) B101.1 and B101.3 specifications for slip resistance/high traction, StreetTRAX is designed for the production of outdoor sidewalk and parking lot ‘floor’ graphics.

For more information on StreetTRAX™ or other innovative pressure-sensitive solutions for the wide-format printing industry, call 860-265-3388 or visit https://davinci-technologies.com/.

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Large Format Printer Maintenance

Digital Print Media Staff : June 14, 2018 8:00 am : Digital Print Media News, Floor Graphics, Print Head Cleaning, Vinyl Wrapping, Wall Graphics, Window Graphics

Wide Format Printer Maintenance

Maintaining your large format printer ensures that jobs are completed on-time and prints are of the highest quality. 

Updated: 6/14/2018 – Your wide format printer will only work well if it is properly maintained. When you rely on your printer for your business, regular maintenance is vital. It is the kind of thing best done preventatively and regularly, instead of waiting for something to go wrong.

To keep your wide format printer functioning well for a long time to come, follow these tips for print head cleaning and more. You will also find a well-maintained printer makes better prints!

Supplies for Printer Maintenance

Have these supplies in stock for maintenance and repair. Each one plays an important role.

  • Gloves: Wear latex or nitrile gloves when performing printer maintenance. It is important to avoid direct contact with chemicals such as ink and cleaning solvents.
  • Eye Protection: Similarly, safety goggles protect your eyes. Just in case printer ink or other solvents splash, you will be glad you have the coverage!
  • Shop Wipes / Industrial WipesPaper towels are a must-have for quick clean up of any spills or messes.
  • Print Swabs: Print head swabs are one of the most important supplies to have on hand. These are used to clean the hard to reach areas of your wide format printer. When you use print swabs you can extend the life of your print heads and improve print quality.
  • Print Head Wipes: Use a polyester, lint-free wipe, with attributes similar to those of cleanroom wipes. Use these to clean print heads and other sensitive materials and areas of the printer.
  • Spray Bottle: Use this for careful, accurate spraying of your cleaning solvent. You should always refer to your specific printer manual for acceptable cleaning solvents.

Referring to Your Manual

The manual for your printer will give you specific instructions for maintenance. This includes how often you should clean and maintain your printer. It will also let you know which supplies and cleaners suit your specific machine. While some of these products are universal, like safety goggles and gloves, others will change with your printer make and model.

Other Maintenance Considerations

Factors like the environment in which your printer lives impact maintenance and cleaning. Think about the operating temperature and humidity — higher or lower levels can change your printer’s efficiency. The cleanliness of the area also matters.

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Ideas for Eye-Catching Floor Graphics

Digital Print Media Staff : April 26, 2018 2:12 pm : Digital Print Media News, Floor Graphics

Ideas for Eye-Catching Floor Graphics
Efficient advertising may be one of the best purchases to get folks to notice your company and branding. If you really want to get their attention, floor graphics can be ideal. Check out these helpful ideas to design eye-catching floor graphics.

Choose a high traffic area where the floor graphic can’t be missed.

Choose High Traffic Spaces for Placement

Select an area depending upon the purpose of your campaign or ad (hashtag promotion, location of a product, sale, opening announcement). Floor advertisements do not necessarily need to be placed close to a store or only work for brick-and-mortar businesses.

If you have a desire to promote a website or cause that targets locations in which your targeted audience spends time, floor graphics may be very effective. Keep in mind that they can work particularly well in places where folks stroll around with their heads down, listening to music or browsing their phones.

Stand Out Creatively

Innovative floor graphics will differentiate your business from the rest. Go for customized shapes, bold colors and short, clever copy to maximize the impact of every “impression.”

Keep it Brief

This black and white floor decal is simple, bold and stands out. Printed on AlumiGraphics GRIP

Keep your message direct and simple, depending upon the purpose of the floor decal. Think of the graphic’s size, the location, and purpose before deciding on the copy. Questions or general imperatives requiring instant action work best.

Use Contrasting Colors

Contrasting colors in design help to emphasize the portion of the message requiring the most attention. Also think about how to contrast colors in the design with the ones found inside the environment in which the floor design is going to be placed. Consider the type of floor and color ahead of time.

Get creative with “illusion art” such as this beach floor graphic. Photo Credit: https://www.mactac.eu

Make Quality Your Best Ally

Choose a floor graphic made from quality materials. The best selection is going to be one which offers a slip-resistant layer. High-quality may be measured through durability, so pick an option that is going to stand the test of time for the remainder of your campaign.

Design two-dimensional or three-dimensional floor graphics

Concentrate on visually-appealing graphics, as well as strong supporting elements. Two-dimensional and 3D floor graphics will attract more attention because consumers are surprised and appreciate a special product presentation. Two-dimensional and 3D floor graphics are usually more appealing and attractive than flat, traditional floor graphics, yet the design ought to really fit your marketing goal.

3D “fisherman” floor graphic in a retail store aisle – Photo Credit: https://www.mactac.eu

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DaVinci Technologies Adds AlumiGraphics GLOW and AlumiGraphics SILVER

Digital Print Media Staff : April 18, 2018 3:49 pm : Floor Graphics, Wall Graphics

ENFIELD, CT – DaVinci Technologies has added two new and innovative products from AlumiGraphics. The products are designed for long-term indoor and outdoor floor and wall surfaces. Made of pliable aluminum foil, these product are easy to install and no not require an overlaminate.

AlumiGraphics SILVER SMOOTH features a stunning silver metallic surface and is designed for outdoor and indoor rigid wall graphic applications. It’s made of durable aluminum foil that can withstand harsh weather environments. Since this material is pliable, it is perfect for conforming to rough surfaces such as brick, cinder block, stucco and other masonry materials. Like other products from the AlumiGraphics line, no overlaminate is needed – simply print and install. This cuts down install/production time by 25%.

AlumiGraphics GLOW GRIP – AlumiGraphics® Glow Grip is a “glow-in-the-dark” foil-based print media designed for textured floor surfaces. It is ideal for indoor and outdoor floor graphic applications. It can be applied to sealed and unsealed concrete, asphalt, brick, tile, terrazzo, marble, vinyl flooring, and a variety of similar rough surfaces. No overlaminate is needed for this product. AlumiGraphics Glow Grip has a slip-resistant surface that meets ASTM slip resistant standards. It has a 1 year expected outdoor life performance.

Both products join the award-winning AlumiGraphics line of aluminum foil based print media. For more information, visit: https://davinci-technologies.com/product-category/manufacturers/alumigraphics/

About DaVinci Technologies

DaVinci Technologies provides solutions for the digital wide format printing industry ranging from equipment and general purpose media to innovative specialty media for unique applications. Their product line ranges from HP Latex Printers, Finishing Equipment and Inkjet Media to cleaning solutions designed specifically for the printing industry.

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Printing & Cutting Floor Graphics with HP Latex

Digital Print Media Staff : October 12, 2017 8:00 am : Digital Print Media News, Floor Graphics

Learn how to create and install amazing floor graphics avoiding solvent wait time and laminating right away with no delays. In this video, you will see demonstrations for printing and cutting indoor and outdoor floor graphics and the correct media to use.

Products featured in the video: Mactac IMAGIN JT 5822P, Mactac PREMAFLEX 6400, Mactac STREETRAP, Mactac STREETLAM and HP Latex Print and Cut Solution

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Are you using the right laminates for your floor graphics?

Digital Print Media Staff : February 24, 2017 9:53 am : Digital Print Media News, Floor Graphics

Photo Credit: https://www.mactac.eu

Why is it important to use an overlaminate for floor graphics?

Although there are a variety of floor graphic media types that do not require overlaminates, however most standard vinyl require lamination to be suitable for floors. Using overlaminates provides protection against scuffing, abrasion, moisture, and UV light. This important protective layer will seal the graphic, making it suitable for heavy foot traffic. Overlaminates also make the image pop and add depth to the graphic.

These overlaminates are specifically engineered for use with pressure-sensitive floor graphic films and meet or exceed various public safety requirements and industry standards for slip resistance.

Photo Credit: https://www.mactac.eu

MACtac offers several overlaminates specifically designed for floor graphic applications:

MACtac® PermaFlex PF6400 – 3.75-mil clear, glossy, textured, and slip resistant polyolefin film. Perfect for any indoor application.

MACtac® PermaFlex PF6500 – 4.3-mil textured vinyl

MACtac® PermaFlex PF6300 – 5.0-mil clear vinyl film with a textured lustre finish that helps eliminate glare and provides a very unique and pleasing viewing surface. Perfect for any indoor application

PERMACOLOR® FloorGrip PP6600 – the ONLY ANSI/NFPA B101.3 certified laminate on the market. 6.0-mil clear matte polycarbonate film

For more information on overlaminates by Mactac, contact DaVinci Technologies

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5 Clever Stair Graphics

Digital Print Media Staff : January 10, 2017 9:48 am : Floor Graphics

5 examples of stair graphics: 

Sign with Soul stair graphic. Image via Pinterest

Nike advertisement stair graphic. Image via Pinterest

Tourism ad for timetothaw.com. Image via Pinterest

Homer Simpson donut elevator graphic. Image via Pinterest

“Pantone Colors” stair graphic. Image via Pinterest

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Application Spotlight – 3D Floor Graphic of Bottles in Ice

Digital Print Media Staff : October 6, 2016 11:29 am : Digital Print Media News, Floor Graphics


This 3D floor graphic advertisement was commissioned by Lech Beer of Poznań, Poland. The graphic is situated in an outdoor patio setting and was installed on concrete using Alumigraphics GRIP. Made of pliable aluminum foil, the product features a 1 year expected life performance. It is designed to withstand heavy foot traffic and harsh weather conditions such as rain, snow, and exposure to sun. This product features built-in characteristics that eliminate the need for an overlaminate.

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DaVinci Adds CourtWrap, A High-Performance Floor Graphic Media

Digital Print Media Staff : August 8, 2016 10:27 am : Digital Print Media News, Floor Graphics

panoRama CourtWrap is a new high-performance floor graphic print media specifically designed for athletic surfaces such as basketball/volleyball courts. It is ideal for a variety of smooth, flat indoor surfaces including painted metal, glass, tile, sealed concrete, sealed wood, etc… When used with panoRama CourtWrap Protect, a non-slip ASTM D-2047 & R10 certified textured laminate, these products are the ideal floor graphic solution for athletic surfaces.

Available in 54″ x 100′ rolls, panoRama CourtWrap is easy to install, remove, or reposition. It is made of durable 8 mil polyester (PET)/vinyl, making it ideal for long term applications. panoRama CourtWrap has an application of 6-12 months when used indoors on floors and 24-36 months for wall and window applications.

panoRama CourtWrap Protect is a 4.7 mil textured vinyl laminate featuring a permanent, clear, acrylic adhesive and a 63gsm siliconized paper liner. It is offered in 54″ x 100′ rolls, and is ASTM D-2047 & R10 certified (slip resistant), a key feature for floor graphic media.

Learn more:



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Architectural Wraps

Digital Print Media Staff : April 18, 2016 11:20 am : Digital Print Media News, Floor Graphics, Vinyl Wrapping, Wall Graphics

Architectural wraps utilize space on walls, floors, and windows a create a dramatic visual experience. They can be an especially effective form of advertising and an attention-grabber for retail settings, trade shows, restaurants, museums, exhibits, and residential spaces. The following images provide examples of how architectural wrapped are being used to transform interior spaces.

Wall, floor, and window graphics – Jungle plants

Floor and wall graphics combine to create a unique football exhibit experience

Submarine-style wrapped x-ray machine combined with floor and wall graphics at the Children’s National Medical Center

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