High-Tack Inkjet Vinyl – When to Use It?

Digital Print Media Staff : July 31, 2018 11:11 am : Digital Print Media News, Vinyl Wrapping


High-tack vinyl graphic on semi-truck

The signage industry is very competitive and demanding; clients are always on the lookout for new and creative ways to promote their brand. This means that no surface should be off-limits for graphics applications. Thanks to new advancements in wide format print media, today’s high-tack vinyl does not disappoint.

Things to Consider when Choosing High-Tack Print Media

  1. How well does it hold up against the outdoor elements such as sun, rain, and snow?
  2. What is the outdoor durability rating?
  3. What is the intended application? Will it be exposed to high-heat, heavy wear, outside elements?
  4. Will it need extra protection provided by an overlaminate?

Mactac REBEL® X-treme™ High-Bond Permanent Adhesive Print Media – features one of the strongest adhesives on the market.

Applications for High-Tack Vinyl

Innovative new products such as Mactac’s REBEL X-treme offers a virtually limitless realm of opportunity. It’s designed to provide a permanent graphics solution for vehicles, floors, flat wall surfaces, screen-printed labels, decals, markings, point-of-purchase displays and signs for indoor and outdoor use.

High-Heat Applications – Perhaps the most impressive feature of high-performance high-tack vinyl is its ability to forge a permanent bond with good resistance to heat. This means it can be used on metal surfaces that may become hot from sun exposure or from being near an engine. A good economical product for applications like this is Mactac REBEL® RB528H High Tack Permanent Adhesive https://davinci-technologies.com/product/mactac-rebel-rb528h-high-tack/

Mactac REBEL® RB528H High Tack is a versatile print media – perfect for floor graphics and vehicle graphics.

Sidewalks and Floor Surfaces – Even a sidewalk can be used with High-Tack Inkjet Vinyl signs. So long as the area has been cleaned and allowed to dry beforehand, your vinyl will stick to it successfully and endure foot traffic without losing integrity.

Art and Decorative – High-Tack Inkjet Vinyl has even branched out of the professional business world and moved into the private domain, creating a myriad of aesthetically stunning works of art that decorate both private homes and public buildings.

Installation and Surface Prep

Installation is best left to a professional for this particular media. Since the adhesive is designed to be permanent, you’ll only get one shot for placement. On the plus side, it will stick to any surface and needs little preparation before use, only a thorough cleaning of the targeted area. Imperfections and loose particles binding to the high tack will impact its long-term stability.

Final Thoughts

Not all high-tack inkjet media is made equal. Some products are designed to last a few seasons. Others will remain for many years. It really depends on the adhesive and whether or not the graphic is laminated for added protection. When selecting a permanent vinyl with a high-tack adhesive, make you know as much as possible about the application – and if you have questions, do not hesitate to ask your supplier of wide format print media.

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Large Format Printer Maintenance

Digital Print Media Staff : June 14, 2018 8:00 am : Digital Print Media News, Floor Graphics, Print Head Cleaning, Vinyl Wrapping, Wall Graphics, Window Graphics

Wide Format Printer Maintenance

Maintaining your large format printer ensures that jobs are completed on-time and prints are of the highest quality. 

Updated: 6/14/2018 – Your wide format printer will only work well if it is properly maintained. When you rely on your printer for your business, regular maintenance is vital. It is the kind of thing best done preventatively and regularly, instead of waiting for something to go wrong.

To keep your wide format printer functioning well for a long time to come, follow these tips for print head cleaning and more. You will also find a well-maintained printer makes better prints!

Supplies for Printer Maintenance

Have these supplies in stock for maintenance and repair. Each one plays an important role.

  • Gloves: Wear latex or nitrile gloves when performing printer maintenance. It is important to avoid direct contact with chemicals such as ink and cleaning solvents.
  • Eye Protection: Similarly, safety goggles protect your eyes. Just in case printer ink or other solvents splash, you will be glad you have the coverage!
  • Shop Wipes / Industrial WipesPaper towels are a must-have for quick clean up of any spills or messes.
  • Print Swabs: Print head swabs are one of the most important supplies to have on hand. These are used to clean the hard to reach areas of your wide format printer. When you use print swabs you can extend the life of your print heads and improve print quality.
  • Print Head Wipes: Use a polyester, lint-free wipe, with attributes similar to those of cleanroom wipes. Use these to clean print heads and other sensitive materials and areas of the printer.
  • Spray Bottle: Use this for careful, accurate spraying of your cleaning solvent. You should always refer to your specific printer manual for acceptable cleaning solvents.

Referring to Your Manual

The manual for your printer will give you specific instructions for maintenance. This includes how often you should clean and maintain your printer. It will also let you know which supplies and cleaners suit your specific machine. While some of these products are universal, like safety goggles and gloves, others will change with your printer make and model.

Other Maintenance Considerations

Factors like the environment in which your printer lives impact maintenance and cleaning. Think about the operating temperature and humidity — higher or lower levels can change your printer’s efficiency. The cleanliness of the area also matters.

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Mactac Announces Improvements to PERMACOLOR ColorGard LUV Overlaminates

Digital Print Media Staff : February 1, 2018 9:01 am : Backlit Signage, Digital Print Media News, Vinyl Wrapping, Wall Graphics, Window Graphics


PERMACOLOR ColorGard LUV Application Example

Mactac has announced improvements to their line of PERMACOLOR ColorGard LUV overlaminates. Already considered to be some of the best laminating films on the market, the improvements elevates this product into an even highly level of performance. ColorGard LUV films offer protection from abrasion, moisture and other potentially damaging effects in both indoor and outdoor environments. Additionally, as an added benefit these films enhance the vibrancy of the graphic.

Among the new improvements are:

  • Increased outdoor durability up to 5 years
  • Color shift resistance
  • ColorGard LUV films now have unmatched superior adhesion and wet-out over challenging UV inkjet prints


  • Photographic prints
  • Transparencies
  • UV screen printed images
  • Latex, Solvent, Eco-solvent and Water-based Inkjet AND especially UV inkjet prints

Why Use High-Performance Laminating Films?

Laminating are used to protect printed graphics from light, dirt and moisture both indoors and outdoors. It should also be known that not all laminating films are created equal. Low-grade laminating films can bubble, crack, warp, and cause graphics to fade. A high-performance overlaminate, such as PERMACOLOR ColorGard LUV by Mactac offers UV protection, superior flexibility/conformability, superior adhesion, long-term protection, and graphic enhancement.

Learn more about PERMACOLOR LUV Overlaminates

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Application Spotlight: Pickup Truck Wraps

Digital Print Media Staff : September 26, 2017 9:49 am : Digital Print Media News, Vinyl Wrapping

Pickup trucks are used across a wide variety of service and construction based businesses. Unfortunately, very few of these businesses utilize their pickup trucks as an effective advertising tool. Well-executed vinyl wraps grab the attention of viewers and provide continuous marketing your business, as long as the vehicle is visible to the public.

Here are several effective pickup truck wrap designs:

Partial wrap for heating and air company

Reflective wrap for auto sales company

Classic design fused with modern graphics make this truck wrap a real head turner

Visit DaVinci Technologies for a complete selection of wrap vinyl

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Reflective Vinyl Examples

Digital Print Media Staff : August 16, 2017 2:18 pm : Digital Print Media News, Vinyl Wrapping

Reflective vinyl is an effective material for a variety of signage applications including street signs, vehicles, and windows. It’s available from a variety of manufacturers such as Mactac Graphic Products and 3M with each type offering a variety of unique reflective qualities. Here are several effective examples of reflective vinyl:

Traffic sign on reflective vinyl printed with an HP Latex 365.

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Unique and Unconventional Vinyl Wrap Applications

Digital Print Media Staff : April 12, 2017 4:16 pm : Digital Print Media News, Vinyl Wrapping

We gathered several creative examples of unique and unconventional wrap applications:

The folks at image 360 in Wyndmoor, PA wrapped their flatbed printer. They call it “The Beast”

Another angle of “The Beast”


Spaceship-themed wrapped MRI machine in Childrens Hospital

Portraits of Hop project using Mactac IMAGin® B•free® PSA Vinyl

Yellow submarine wrapped MRI machine, via Pinterest

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3D Vehicle Wraps – Application Spotlight

Digital Print Media Staff : October 26, 2016 9:47 am : Digital Print Media News, Vinyl Wrapping

Graphics that give the illusion of anything more than 2D are becoming more common in the advertising industry. The reason behind this is simple – anything that causes a double take is effective marketing. 3D vehicle wraps are wraps that make the viewer believe there is something more going, either inside or out of the vehicle. We gathered some images of what we believe are the most effect 3D vehicle wrap designs.

At first glance, it appears this bus backed into a street sign. Advertisement for Specsavers. a British optical retail chain.

At first glance, it appears this bus backed into a street sign. Advertisement for Specsavers. a British optical retail chain.

Excellent example of the

Excellent example of the “see-through wrap” effect for this Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. It appears that boxes are stacked perfectly to fit inside this van.

Wrigley’s Spearmint Chewing Gum Truck – Wrapped in vinyl, designed to mimic a opened pack of gum.

FedEx truck wrapped in a graphic that features a competitors delivery truck trailing behind.

As the doors on this bus open, it appear you are entering the mouth of a shark. Advertising for National Geographic.

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Useful Templates & Patterns for Vehicle Wraps

Digital Print Media Staff : July 25, 2016 11:34 am : Digital Print Media News, Vinyl Wrapping

1. Corrugated metal for an industrial look. Use as a full wrap pattern or for accent areas. Seamless continuous vector pattern. Image ID: ISS_0956_00060 via SignElements


Image ID: ISS_0956_00060 via SignElements

2. Seamless wood pattern – Use as a full wrap pattern or for accent areas. Seamless continuous vector pattern. Image ID: ING_19051_00756 via SignElements


Image ID:ING_19051_00756 via SignElements

3. Space / Galaxy Wrap – Full wrap template. Image ID: f-wraps0012 via SignElements


Image ID: f-wraps0012 via SignElements

4. Corroded Metal Industrial Wrap – Full wrap template. Image ID:f-wraps0019 via SignElements


Image ID:f-wraps0019 via SignElements

5. Blue Lightning Bolts / Electrical Wrap – Full wrap template. Image ID:f-wraps0010 via SignElements


Full wrap template. Image ID:f-wraps0010

6. Seamless Black & White Floral Pattern – Seamless vector pattern can be used as a full wrap or as an element to a design. Image ID: 02B37591 via SignElements


Image ID: 02B37591 via SignElements

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Architectural Wraps

Digital Print Media Staff : April 18, 2016 11:20 am : Digital Print Media News, Floor Graphics, Vinyl Wrapping, Wall Graphics

Architectural wraps utilize space on walls, floors, and windows a create a dramatic visual experience. They can be an especially effective form of advertising and an attention-grabber for retail settings, trade shows, restaurants, museums, exhibits, and residential spaces. The following images provide examples of how architectural wrapped are being used to transform interior spaces.

Wall, floor, and window graphics – Jungle plants

Floor and wall graphics combine to create a unique football exhibit experience

Submarine-style wrapped x-ray machine combined with floor and wall graphics at the Children’s National Medical Center

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Reflective Vinyl Spotlight

Digital Print Media Staff : March 30, 2016 5:01 pm : Digital Print Media News, Vinyl Wrapping

Reflective VinylReflective vinyl comes in a variety of options and is used for a wide range of applications. It can be conformable for use on vehicles or permanent and durable, which is ideal for municipal/traffic signage. Regardless of the use, a sign maker should have a couple of options (for all applications) in stock when the need arises.

For those interested in a general purpose reflective vinyl, we recommend MACmark 5700. It’s a flexible reflective film that is easy to install and ideal for a multitude of applications. This engineering grade vinyl provides wide-angle reflectivity of incident light. MACmark 5700 series features an embedded layer of microscopic glass beads with high optical quality. A metallized back provides the mirror surface for reflection. This highly flexible film can be applied on flat, curved or corrugated surfaces and on rivets. MACmark 5700 can be screen printed or cut with a digital plotter.


Emergency Vehicles

Municipal Vehicles

School bus Graphics

Safety Signage

Traffic Signage

Work Zone


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